European Voices


European Voices

Welcome to European Voices, our portal showcasing UCL’s rich links to Europe: from research and teaching, partnerships and engagement, to student, staff and alumni ties to the continent.

Why Europe matters

We are home to a diverse community of European staff, students and alumni – one of the highest proportions of any UK higher education institution - with the freedom and courage to challenge, to question and to think differently. 

UCL’s academics also have an outstanding track record in collaborative research with European partners and securing EU research funding. 

As a top 10 global university, UCL is one of the world’s outstanding centres for teaching, expertise and research relevant to Europe, across disciplines.

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Find out more – and get inspired! 

Explore our case studies, read the latest news, sign up for events, listen to podcasts. 

Four UCL alumni at a Campaign UCL event

Our community

UCL has an incredible community of talented and engaged European students, staff, alumni, partners and supporters. Read and hear some of their stories.

European Research

Our research

We have longstanding research and teaching partnerships with many leading European institutes and organisations. Explore a collection of some of our projects. 

European Programmes

Our programmes

UCL offers a range of excellent courses to prospective European students, alongside a vast array of student mobility opportunities. Discover what's available. 

European Engagement

Our engagement

Academics at UCL are helping shape policy debate across Europe, actively informing EU policy. Find out more about our engagement.


Read our European news stories from around the university.

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Join in our European focused events across campus.

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Listen to the latest European focused podcasts from UCL.

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