Online Courses

Study with us from near or far with one of online courses. Starting on several dates during the year, these courses are coordinated by specialist tutors who provide support and feedback throughout.

We run the following courses with several start dates each year:

Some of the benefits of online learning:

  • Study at anytime, from anywhere
  • Course material is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Facilitates team learning and student interaction via online forums
  • Learn skills in using online learning technologies 
  • Participating online is much less intimidating than in the classroom and everyone gets a chance to contribute
  • Because there are no geographic barriers to online learning, students can find a diversity of course material that may not be available to them where they live or work
  • The online environment makes instructors more approachable
  • An opportunity/environment to exchange experiences and knowledge with colleagues from all over the world