Funding, Scholarships and Prizes (Research)

There are several funding opportunities for prospective and current research students, the most important of which are listed below.

Further funding opportunities can also be found at UCL scholarships and funding.

Our funding panel will only consider your scholarship application if you have already completed the UCL procedure for admission as a postgraduate research student by the time you apply. This can take up to six weeks so you should ensure that you leave time for referees to submit their references and any additional checks to be completed before any deadlines as notified below.

  • Internal deadlines for scholarship schemes vary, but for UCL ones – GRS/ORS, Wolfson, ROS – both the admissions applications (created in the Applicant Portal) and the scholarship applications (sent to selcs.enquiries@ucl.ac.uk) need to be complete (including any additional documentation and letters of recommendation) by 13th January 2021.
Funding for Research in Modern Languages

SELCS is part of the AHRC consortium London Arts and Humanities Partnership (LAHP), along with King' College, London and the School of Advanced Study. 

  • More information of these awards, including how to apply can be found on the LAHP website.

NOTE: Applications for joint-supervision between two of the partners of LAHP, whilst not necessary, are particularly encouraged.

Graduate Research Scholarships (GRS) / Overseas Research Scholarships (ORS)

UCL aims to attract high-quality students to undertake research. The Graduate Research Scholarships and Overseas Research Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence and research potential. Financial circumstances are not taken into account.

Guidance on how to apply and all forms required can be downloaded here

To apply for GRS/ORS: 

  • Apply for admission to UCL. Applications must be complete, with all supporting documents received, by 13 January 2021. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that referees are aware of deadlines and respond accordingly. 
  • Submit the scholarship application including all additional documents (lay summary of research proposal and additional reference) to selcs.enquiries@ucl.ac.uk before the Scholarship deadline. 
  • All applicants for the GRS who have an overseas fee status will automatically be considered for ORS and, if applicable, CSC Scholarships. 

Deadline: Scholarship applications, including the additional reference from your project supervisor and lay summary, must be received by selcs.enquiries@ucl.ac.uk before the deadline of 13 January 2021

Please note: prospective applicants for Gender and Sexuality Studies must have contacted the Programme Director, Professor Ann Varley (a.varley@ucl.ac.uk) before submitting an application for admission, rather than contacting potential supervisors directly. They must submit the application for admission to UCL by 1 December 2020, and then complete the GSR/ORS application by 13 January 2021. Please ensure you follow the instructions at the bottom of the programme webpage.

Wolfson Scholarships

Drawing on its history of support for higher education and interest in the humanities, the Wolfson Foundation is offering three postgraduate research awards in the humanities - these will be for three areas in history, literature and languages.

If you wish to be considered for this scholarship, you will need to submit:

  • a research proposal of no more than 1000 words
  • a letter from your proposed supervisor confirming that they are willing to supervise the specific project outlined
  • Wolfson scholarships are also available to overseas students

Deadline: Applications, including the 1000 word research proposal and a short statement from your proposed supervisor confirming that they are willing to supervise your project (if your project is selected to go forward to the next stage, then a longer letter of support will be needed soon after the deadline) must be received by selcs.enquiries@ucl.ac.uk before the deadline of 13th January 2021.

AHRC/LAHP Studentships

Subject to availability, these awards will cover: 

  • Tuition fees for a maximum of three years at the Home/EU rate
  • Annual maintenance grant or allowance (stipend)
  • LAHP scholarships are open to UK and overseas students (see the LAHP website for further details)

Deadline: Completed applications must have been received by 31st January. Full details can be found on the LAHP website below.

  • LAHP website LAHP
  • Contact: info.lahp@london.ac.uk
  • LAHP has a limited number of full awards (fees and stipend) for EU students designated `fees-only' by the AHRC
  • Applications are open via the LAHP website - where you can find full details of the application process.
  • AHRC website
UCL Research Opportunity Scholarship (UCL-ROS)

UCL is committed to diversifying the student community at doctoral level, so has launched an exciting new scholarships programme to support BME postgraduate research degree students. The scheme offers full financial support and a skills development programme.

  •  More information about the scheme can be found here
Graduate Research Scholarships for Cross Disciplinary Training (GXD) One-Year)

There are up to 4 scholarships available to current full-time research students who wish to spend an additional year of their MPhil/PhD or EngD in another UCL department acquiring research skills and knowledge from a different discipline, which can be applied in their normal area of research. An academic department can nominate one top applicant.

Deadline: 13th January 2021

UCL, Bloomsbury & East London Doctoral Training Partnership

Applicants to the Gender and Sexuality Studies PhD programme may be elibile for UBEL scholarships funded by the ESRC.  Propsective candidates must have applied to UCL by 1st December.

Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

The Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation provides up to 15 scholarships annually to prospective and current MPhil/PhD students to the value of $60,000 per scholar for up to four years. Applicants must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants pursuing full-time doctoral studies in Canada or foreign institutions. Candidates will be considered by the Foundation only if they have been nominated by a university. 

Studentships in Russian, Slavonic and East European Languages and Culture

Students planning comparative research that includes a focus on Russian, Central and East European languages and culture are encouraged to explore this funding opportunity. Applicants for a CEELBAS Studentship must have already received an offer of a place at the university. 

China Scholarships Council / CSC-UCL Joint Research Scholarship

Funding offered by UCL and the China Scholarships Council (CSC) aims to expand the educational, cultural and technological co-operation between the UK and China.

Departments are able to submit one extra nomination if they have a student wishing to apply for one of the 5 open UCL-China Scholarships Research Scholarships.

  • More information about the scheme can be found here.

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