Dr Rocio Banos Pinero

Dr Rocio Banos Pinero

Associate Professor

Translation Studies


Joined UCL
1st Oct 2013

Research summary

My main research interests lie in the field of audiovisual translation (AVT), especially in dubbing. This was the focus of my PhD research, entitled La oralidad prefabricada en la traducción para el doblaje (Prefabricated orality in dubbing). My PhD thesis involved the study of Spanish colloquial spontaneous conversation and its imitation in original and translated fictional dialogue.

I have also been involved in projects investigating the use of AVT in foreign language learning. From 2011 to 2014 I took part in the EU-funded project ClipFlair, and from 2016 I have been involved in the project PluriTAV, focused on the acquisition of multilingual competences through audiovisual translation.

As I have taught modules on Translation Technology and Localisation, I find these areas, together with Translation Training, particularly interesting and I have also supervised PhD research on these topics.  

My latest research has focused on ‘lesser forms’ of audiovisual translation, in particular on the voice-over translation of reality TV and on parodic dubbing and fandubbing.

Teaching summary

I have taught a wide range of translation-related subjects, from Translation Technology and Translation Theory to Specialised Translation and Audiovisual Translation.

Currently, I teach Audiovisual Translation modules (Translation for Voiceover and Dubbing),  Translation Technology (Language and Automation) and Medical Translation (English into Spanish). I supervise MSc dissertations and PhD thesis in the fields of Audiovisual Translation, Translation Technology and Localisation. 


Other Postgraduate qualification (including professional), ATQ07 - Holder of a PGCE in higher education, secondary edu, further edu, life long lear |


I hold a BA in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Granada in Spain. After finishing my degree, I moved to the UK to teach Spanish in a secondary school. Having discovered my passion for translation and language teaching, I went back to Spain to complete a PGCE in English and a Postgraduate Diploma in Audiovisual Translation, and to start my PhD. 

While working as a full-time in-house translator in Sheffield, I worked on my PhD in Audiovisual Translation under the supervision of Prof. Frederic Chaume. I started my career as an academic as Lecturer in Translation Technology at London Metropolitan University, in 2007. 

I completed my PhD in 2009 and joined Imperial College London in 2011 as Practical Translation Coordinator. I joined the Centre for Translation Studies (CenTraS) at UCL in October 2013.