Prof Jane Fenoulhet

Prof Jane Fenoulhet

Emeritus Professor


Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Joined UCL
1st Oct 1983

Research summary

Current research is focused on literature and translation, in particular it seeks a new paradigm for approaching literature as a mobile entity rather than a national one. I have experimented with bringing the nomadic philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and Rosi Braidotti to bear on literary texts as they circulate in translation.

I am also part of the international research project 'Circulation of Dutch Literature', contributing an analysis of (post)colonial translation as applied to Oeroeg by the Dutch writer Hella S. Haasse.

Other interests include the adaptation of literary texts for performance.

Teaching summary

MA teaching: a course on Holocaust Writing for the MA in Comparative Literature; literary representations of gender for the MA in Gender Studies.

BA teaching: Holocaust writing and a course on philosophy and literature for the School of European Languages, Culture and Society.

Dutch literature and advanced translation from Dutch into English for BA Dutch students.



2008 Elected a Member  of the Maatschappij der Nederlandse Letterkunde (Netherlands academy for classics, history, literature).
2009 Appointed Professor of Dutch Studies
2010 Appointed a Member of the Raad voor de Nederlandse Taal en Letteren

2010 Appointed Officier in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands