Dr Alex Hyde

Dr Alex Hyde



Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Joined UCL
1st Sep 2016

Research summary

My research in gender studies is interdisciplinary, drawing from IR and sociology and informed by feminist epistemology.


My work on gender and militarisation is based on an ethnography of women married to servicemen living overseas with the British Army. My analysis focuses on women’s agency as a way of complicating top-down conceptualisations of military power, looking instead at the ways in which militarisation is experienced and negotiated in everyday life.

Across all of my work I’m interested in the ways in which women’s productive and reproductive labour is incorporated into nation-building projects through the institutions of marriage and the family. My current research in this area includes an archive project for the Vera Douie Research Fellowship at the Women’s Library, LSE. The project explores constructions of women’s labour in the British Empire through the papers of the late 19th Century Female Middle Class Emigration Society.

My interest in feminist epistemology and innovative ways of doing and writing research draws on insights from ethnography, critical race studies and literary theory as well as engaging the ‘narrative turn’ in IR. I’m particularly interested in experimenting with poetic writing as a way of both processing and presenting ‘data’, and as a lens for thinking about the politics and ethics of representation.

Teaching summary

Postgraduate modules, MA Gender, Society and Representation

EUROGG12 – Gender, Politics and Feminism

EUROGG13 – Gender, Sexuality and Cultural Politics: Feminist Epistemology and the Ethics of Representation

EUROGG14 - Global Politics of Gender and Sexuality: Militarisation, war and violence