Dr Alex Hyde

Dr Alex Hyde



Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Joined UCL
1st Sep 2016

Research summary

My work on gender and militarisation is based on an ethnography of women married to servicemen living overseas with the British Army. Across all of my work, I am interested in the ways in which women’s productive and reproductive labour is incorporated into nation-building projects through the institutions of marriage and the family.


I am also interested in feminist epistemology and the politics of representing gender in research, culture and society. This includes different ways of writing and representing gender and its complex interactions with race, class and sexuality.

Teaching summary

I am delighted to teach on the MA in Gender, Society and Representation at UCL, which is based at the Centre for Multidisciplinary and Intercultural Inquiry (CMII). I teach part of the core curriculum, which provides a broad introduction to feminist politics from a UK perspective as well as key issues in gender theory. It introduces gender studies as a varied - and contested - academic discipline and examines the contribution of feminist movements to civil society. I teach two further optional modules in term two, which explore issues of gender, representation and global politics in more depth.


CMIIII0052 – Gender Theory, Politics and Feminism


CMII0053 - Knowledge, Power and the Cultural Production of Gender


CMII0054 - Global Politics of Gender, Sexuality and Security


I am Lecturer in Gender Studies at SELCS-CMII, and I teach on the MA in Gender, Society and Representation. My research is multidisciplinary, focusing on women’s experiences of war and military power as well as broader questions of cultural representation.


My research and professional background spans experience in the arts and humanities, social science and international development.