New Microfiction from our Students

10 June 2019


Alumni and current finalists have launched an anthology of their original Spanish fiction, Cuentos cuánticos y otros microrrelatos, with an event at London's Instituto Cervantes. The book, published by El Ojo de la Cultura (2018), brings together fifty very short stories. It constitutes the creative efforts of Dr Tyler Fisher's students at UCL. Writing in the heart of London, the authors look towards the literary traditions of the Hispanic world. Their book comprises a wonderful variety of memorable characters and narratives, ranging from a very philosophical dog to an imperial cat, from a mysterious painting by Vermeer to a lost page from Plato's dialogues. 

Participants students: Miriam Forner, Alice Franklin, Hannah Frost, Catherine George, Jeff Gu, H.M. Harrington, Grace Howes, Nadia McLeod, Mary Newman, Sam Stevenson, Karolina Szpejnowska.