Part 8: UCL / SOAS (Online) Global Translation Lecture Series 2020-21

11 May 2021, 7:30 pm–8:30 pm

Anna Wendorff

Dr Anna Wendorff (University of Łódź, Poland), ‘Museum Audio Description’

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Kathryn Batchelor


The lecture deals with the subject of audio description (AD) – the verbal description of visual content essential (for comprehension) for people who are blind or have low vision – in museum-type institutions. It describes the specificity of museum AD compared to AD in film, theatre, etc. It presents the classification of museum AD in relation to its: function, form of presentation, receptor, genre and type of text. This lecture also introduces the norms and standards of creating AD and defines how to describe objects, artefacts and artworks in the museum environment. Multisensory solutions and workshops accompanied by AD will also be covered, as well as the topic of museum accessibility during and post-COVID-19. The analysis will be carried out on the basis of examples encountered in Polish and English museums.


Anna Wendorff is assistant professor in the Department of Spanish Philology at the University of Łódź (Poland) and visiting scholar at the Centre for Translation Studies at University College London in the years 2019-2021. During this time, she carried out the project “Accessible art for the blind and visually impaired in London museums” (The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, The Bekker Programme). Her research interests include Latin American literature and literary and audiovisual translations, especially the audio description of works of art; from 2019 to present: contractor in the grant “Art of Łódź against the backdrop of European art. Excluded/Enabled” (The National Centre for Research and Development, POWER Programme).

About the Speaker

Dr Anna Wendorff

at University of Łódź, Poland