Some recent photos from our EDI-related teaching and activities. If you'd like to add your relevant photos please contact SELCS-CMII's EDI co-leads.

Dr Tzu-yu Lin's Translating disability class, 2022

class teaching



'Chinese Feminism' staff and student discussion event, Feb 2022
group photo
group photo of discussants
Lilian Thuram conversation event, on 'White Thinking in Sport and Beyond', with Dr Helene Neveu-Kringelbach and Prof Paul Gilroy
Lilian Thuram slide
Dr Helene Neveu-Kringelbach speaking
Prof Paul Gilroy speaking











Mirga-Tas, a Polish Roma artist and activist, and Delaine Le Bas, a Traveller artist. Convened by our PhD student Izzy Wodzka (July 2021).

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Indigenous Ethnicities on Screen, a month of film screenings, workshops and conversations around indigeneity and cinema in Latin America (March 2022). Organised by Dr. Maria Chiara D’Argenio (in collaboration with King’s College London).

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Decolonising Modern Foreign Languages in Higher Education - Workshop for staff facilitated by The Black Curriculum (June 2022). Chaired by Mazal Oaknín

TACKLING THE BAME/BIPOC AWARDING GAP, 3-year project (2022-2025)  - A student-staff collaborative project that addresses the “cold climate” in our classrooms which according to Tate (2019) is the leading cause of the BAME/BIPOC awarding gap at UK universities. This “cold climate” is the result of different factors such as micro racisms, lack of support for BAME students, “invisible” racism and stereotyping, which alienate students, thus negatively affecting their sense of belonging and making them more likely to drop out, and less likely to achieve 2:1 or First class marks and to pursue postgraduate studies. Led by Dr. Mazal Oaknín, Dr. Marga Navarrete, Dr. Alejandro Bolaños, Mr. Haydn Kirnon.

Student-led screening of SANTI and conversation with the film’s director (Nov 2022). SANTI is a short film that invites to reflect about cultural difference via its depiction of the life of a young Colombian man in London. Organised by Dr Maria Chiara D’Argenio and the students of the UCL Spanish and Latin American Society.

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