Alumni - Stefano Fontanini

BA Modern Languages (French & Italian), 2013. Content Director, Jellyfish.

Alumni - Stefano Fontanini


I am a Content Director at Jellyfish, a world-leading digital marketing agency. Following my undergraduate degree at UCL, I decided to specialise with a Masters in interpreting and translation at the University of Bath and graduated in 2014. My working career started in a small but global translation agency in Bermondsey where I really learnt my trade in the localisation industry. I stayed there for 4 years before entering the world of digital marketing.

Every day I get the opportunity to actively put my language skills into practice, while managing a strong team of professionals. I engage directly with both agency and client stakeholders to develop clear and effective localisation strategies across different markets. The written and oral linguistic skills I gained throughout my UCL degree have been invaluable in helping me to communicate with clients across different regions and sectors. My courses at UCL allowed me to explore different cultures, increasing my awareness of cultural sensitivities which is a really useful skill in this job.