Alumni - Rohan Choudhury

BA Modern Languages (French and Spanish), 2020. Account Executive, Revolut.

Alumni - Rohan Choudhury
I’ve arrived where I am now in a very serendipitous and accidental way! I did an internship the summer after graduating which I found through the UCL Careers referral system. This was with a digital learning start-up which allowed me to learn some basic coding and put me in charge of the editing and search engine optimisation of the website.

After that, I secured a junior sales role for a big data company, where I was able to use my language skills. I joined their French team and helped facilitate their growth into the French market. I then moved to Revolut, where I manage my own portfolio of clients. It has turned out to be the perfect fit! The work-life balance is excellent and I get to use both French and Spanish every day.

I play to my strengths and make sure I’m targeting French-speaking and Spanish-speaking companies. My word of advice if you’re looking to get into fintech? Go for stable, bigger companies and companies that have sellable products. No gift of the gab can shift a bad product! Beyond that, be resilient and confident.