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Past Dissertations

Below are the titles of dissertations completed by last year's finalists. For older examples, please click on the appropriate year in the list at the end of the page.

Dissertations of Finalists 2020

  • Memes + urban planning
  • A response to #takebackcontrol: is increased national parliamentary involvement the answer to the democratic deficit in the EU? The case of the Bundestag and EU affairs.
  • Refugee law
  • Richard Arkwright, Early Industrialists, and the Changing Relations between State and Economic Regulation in the Long Eighteenth Century.
  • Environmental Human Rights: the emergence, evolution and diffusion of a new norm.
  • Applying deterrence theory to economic cyber conflict: Evaluating the strengths and limitations of a deterrence framework for mitigating conflict in economic cyberspace
  • Economic insecurity, cultural clash, or politics of disillusionment? Explaining the success of the AfD in Germany.
  • Humanitarianism and the case of Venezuela
  • The Spanish and German transitions to democracy.
  • Critical aspects of the EU asylum policy
  • L'écriture inclusive: Gender neutrality in a gendered language
  • Climate Security
  • Democratic theory
  • Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark: The 2015 Refugee Crisis and it’s Role in the Neo-Liberalisation of the Danish Welfare State
  • Visible vexation: charting the evolution of the Yellow Vest movement through visual data (working title)
  • The response of the EU to populism
  • The relationship between autocratic repression and education development in Africa
  • Foreign Policy of the European Union
  • The evolution of France and China diplomatic relations: the EU as a mediator?
  • Music in society, and how music is used as a tool of social change
  • The failed democratization of the DRC (Congo)
  • How do gendered assumptions affect discourses about global citizenship, and what implications does this have for the roles envisaged for women and girls within it?
  • Does the domestic Euroskeptic narrative of populist parties carry through into a  coherent voting behaviour in the European Parliament?
  • A comparative approach to the High Representatives of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
  • Human rights in post-conflict situations
  • German immigration policies from a socio-economic and demographic approach.

Further Dissertation Examples