UCL European & International Social & Political Studies


Dissertations 2016

  • Bullets, ballots or both? The effects of fragmentation on the strategic decision of violent factions to participate in electoral politics.
  • The dynamic nature of self-love and amor fati in Nietzsche.
  • This Land is Your Land. How land redistribution reforms affect the recurrence of conflict in developing African countries.
  • Fighting the illicit trade of art in the EU: challenges and perspectives.
  • To delegate or not to delegate? The law and practice of the UN Security Council to delegate the use of force to NATO.
  • A European area of protection? A cross-cutting analysis of the contradictions within the Common European Asylum System.
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Trade. To what extent does the strength of Intellectual Property Rights affect high-technology exports to developing countries? The case of Germany.
  • The Language of Austerity: a study of the metaphors of austerity discourse in the UK and Spain.
  • An economical relationship? Political separatism and the European Union.
  • The importance of gender stereotypes in explaining Russia's high rate of domestic violence.
  • UKIP - a big bunch of softies? A study of UKIP's Euroscepticism.
  • Shirking less or working ill? How reductions in sick pay generosity affect the absence behaviour of employees.
  • Degrees of feminism: feminist policies in Sweden and the case of paternal leave.
  • Laughter in the face of adversity: satirical publications in the later years of Franco's Spain.
  • The impact of the German minimum wage on intern employment in startups.
  • Green lights of the North. Exploring the links between environmentalism and national identity among Swedish youth.
  • Fragmentation and organised crime: a comparative study of violence in Italy and Mexico.
  • The overlap between genocide and crimes against humanity: past and current tensions in international criminal law.
  • Non-electoral participation and political knowledge: when does participation matter? A case study on the impact of participation on citizens' political knowledge levels within the European Citizens' Initiative.
  • Interpreting the violence of left-wing terrorism: what is the explanation for the changes in the degree and the type of violence displayed by the Red Brigades?
  • Head of State Immunities before the International Criminal Court: the problem of consent.
  • ‘The Spiritualisation of Matter': French intellectuals and the First World War, 1914-1923. How did French intellectuals respond to new technology of the First World War, and why?
  • Why do the levels of sexual violence vary across genocides? A cross-sectional study of the Bengali and Kurdish genocides.
  • "Crossing the river by feeling for stones": is the Chinese Communist Party liberalising the state sector?
  • A geolinguistic study of swear words in Spain. Exploring variation in the usage and attitudes towards swearing amongst youths in Madrid, Catalonia, the Basque Country and Andalusia.
  • Why did Ukraine experience a revolution in 2013-2014?
  • Discrimination in a colour-blind state. An analysis into the roots of racially motivated identity checks in Paris.
  • Is pornographic speech authoritative?
  • Dar la patada / Kicking down the door: how has squatting affected the provision of housing in Madrid since 2007?