UCL European & International Social & Political Studies


Dissertations 2015

  • What influence has the FNSEA had on the French government and on the Common Agricultural Policy?
  • Ballast Erinnerung: Remembering the Palast der Republik
  • How effective are African biofuel policies in protecting local food security? A qualitative analysis of African biofuel policies
  • A European response to illegal fishing: Is the use of trade measures in the EU IUU regulation appropriate for combatting illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing effectively?
  • Shifting roles and responsibilities of contemporary artists in Western urban societies - an ethnographic approach
  • Are there any plausible alternatives to the standard picture of rationality?
  • Failed and forgotten: Roma victims of human trafficking in France
  • Recognition: The development of a concept. Contrasts and linkages in notions of inter-subjectively  formed identity from Hobbes to Honneth
  • Deleveraging: Why and where? Going beyond the Austrians
  • Is there a utilitarian case for a plant-based diet?
  • Foreign fighters in Syria: Does relative rebel strength play a role in the unprecedented mobilisation of foreign fighters in the Syrian civil war?
  • Untapped peace: How we stand to learn about violent conflict through examination of nonviolent secession
  • The 'perception problem' of the European Central Bank: Input, output and 'throughput' approaches to the legitimacy of the ECB
  • From spectacle to statistics: A subnational data analysis of rape in India
  • Is there such a thing as political expertise?
  • Immigration and the welfare state: Political strategy, inclusion and exclusion
  • The Left in crisis: A marxist critique of the secularism debate on the French Left
  • Should Poland press to join the Eurozone?
  • Change detection in sequential data presentation formats
  • Sanctioning mass-killing
  • George Orwell's Lions and Unicorns: How does UKIP's use of language lead to their success as an anti-political establishment party?
  • Confronting the human trafficking business: Why is China unable to fully comply with the purposes and spirit of the Palermo Protocol?
  • Marchas and memory: A discussion of Spanish national anthems and their implications for national identity
  • To what extent did the First World War prepare the ground for a new imperial order?
  • A critical review of modern hostage response: Examining the effect of politics on tactical operations
  • What role should a constitutional court have in a democracy?
  • John Locke and the Glorious Revolution of 1688: Intention and interpretation
  • Reconsidering Anton Blok's inquiry into the origins of the mafia: Cosa Nostra between myth and reality
  • In two minds: Organisational legitimacy and identity in development NGOs
  • European practices of non-departure: Circumventing the non-refoulement obligation in extraterritorial migration control
  • Charter schools in the USA: How do they help globalising elites institutionalise globalism?
  • Immigration and preferences over public finances: Evidence from Sweden
  • Scrutinizing detention of asylum seekers in the European Union: Does the Reception Conditions Directive and its recast provide required protection to asylum seekers under international and human rights law?