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Joyce Baxter

Mathematics student

Joyce Baxter was a Jamaican student who studied mathematics at University College, London in the 1930s. When joining University College, London she had two sisters Edith and Olive Baxter already studying there.

On 6 April 1932 The Gleaner reported:

'On the results of the Matriculation Exam: held in January of this year, the Girls Jamaica Scholarship for 1932 has been awarded to Miss Joyce Baxter, of Wolmer's Girls' School.

Miss Baxter entered Wolmer's in January 1925 and obtained honours in the Cambridge Junior, 1928, and in the School Certificate 1929. In each case she was the first girl in the island.

The Jamaica scholar will proceed to England in September of this year, to take up her scholarship at University College, London, where there are two of her sisters, the Misses Edith and Olive Baxter, former winners of the Jamaica Scholarship.'

In 1936 Joyce Baxter was awarded a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Latin at University College, London and returned to Jamaica in August 1936.


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