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Cyril Henriques

Law student

Cyril Henriques was a Jamaican student in London during the interwar period. He graduated in 1931 with a Bachelor of Laws, thereafter reading for the bar. In 1934 Henriques played Othello in a University College London Dramatic Society production. The Gleaner reported on a review of the production written by the drama critic of The Morning Post who wrote under the headline 'An Indian Othello; Fine Performance by London Students', that 'the playing of Othello himself by an Indian student, Mr. Cyril Henriques, was naturally an outstanding adventure. Mr. Henriques - a tall, stalwart, bearded figure - made a noble Moor, with a more natural air of command than Paul Robeson. He was not by any means so readily emotional as might have been expected. Indeed, he might have been quicker and more fiery with advantage. But when the passion arrived it was there. I have seldom seen the epileptic fit better done or better prepared for.'

Othello programme

Theatre programme and cast list for Othello, University College London, 1934.

Othello cast list


'Jamaican Shines as Othello in Play At University College', The Gleaner, 17 April 1934

Image: Theatre programme advertising a play produced at the University College, London by the University College, London Dramatic Society entitled, OTHELLO. The programme is dated, "Foundation Week, 1934" [Othello played by Cyril Henriques], Special Collections & Archives, University of Kent, reference: UKC-PRG-READ-THEUCL.F166337.