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BASA Parish Records

The BASA collection of Parish Records in the UK

BASA is a nationwide voluntary organisation established to foster research and to disseminate information on the history of Black peoples in Britain. BASA publishes a Newsletter and take up issues with government departments and quangoes, such as English Heritage re-Blue Plaques, with the QCA on school curricula, and MLA regarding archives, libraries and museums. They have also worked on specific projects with other organisations. e.g. in the past with CASBAH, and the National Archives' website on the history of Black peoples in Britain since the mid 16th century.  BASA has also collaborated with family historians to investigate the black presence in the many everyday archives held across the country.  This has resulted in over two thousand 'sightings' of black individuals being sent to BASA.  These sightings are currently held by the Equiano Centre.  

The Equiano Centre is developing grant applications with BASA to complete the cataloguing of the records and to combine it with research on the black presence in Britain before 1945 to create a public and freely available database.

BASA Project research volunteers

Cressey Pierre

Billie Louise Phipps-Tyndall