Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Urban Health (IEHC0067)

Key information

Teaching Department: Institute of Global Health
Module leader: Professor David Osrin

Methods of assessment: Oral presentation and coursework 
Credit value: 15 credits
Teaching period: Term 3

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Urban health is an evolving discipline and its boundaries and key interests are hotly debated. Central to it is an understanding of the health of people in cities and towns given the global trends in urbanisation. UCL has a particular strength in research on urban themes and there are teams in many different disciplines working on the issues. In this module you will have the opportunity to engage and contribute to discussions on the development of this multidisciplinary field. You will work toward key learning outcomes and participate in the dialogue on what we should think of as urban health and how it can harness the contributions of specific disciplines (including population health sciences, biosciences, engineering, urban planning, and architecture). In this module there are two cross-cutting themes: (1) the historical and political legacy that informs current discussions; and (2) since urbanisation is a global phenomenon, simultaneous consideration of high-, middle-, and low-income countries.

Aims of the module

The aim of this module is for students to engage—with a global perspective—in broad interdisciplinary discourse about factors that affect the health of people living in cities and towns.