Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Student comments

What do our current students say…?

  • "Population Health may sound like a new and unusual course, but it was only after I joined that I realised how useful and relevant what we are studying is. The teachers are helpful, the college is responsive and the opportunities are endless!"
  • "I really liked the Marmot lecture. We had a lecture where Sir Michael Marmot gave us a lecture on the work he does and basically it's very much related to our course"
  • "For me academically I receive good support from personal tutors"
  • "I liked the small class groups in the small setting as it made the learning much easier because you have more attention of the tutor"
  • "I think that there are so many different careers that you can go into after this degree that I wouldn't really know until the end what I would want to do or specialise in."

Those who came to our March 2017 Taster Days liked...

  • "The talk about population health in the news"
  • "The taster lecture: 'Electronic Cigarettes: fact& faction' led by Professor Robert West"
  • "The in-depth discussions about the subjects"
  • "Facts and details about how closely this related to my studies"
  • "Very engaging/interesting. Very welcoming"
  • "Very interactive. Informative"

What students said about 2016's Year 12 Summer School:

  • "This was a great experience, I really appreciate all the organisation, management and dedication which was put into this. The summer school has increased my confidence and allowed me to challenge my ideas further"
  • "Fantastic!"