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Hiba Mirza

Hiba Mirza
I was born and brought up in India and completed my schooling at Vasant Valley School in New Delhi. Having lived there all my life and seeing the health situation of the population around me, I got really inspired to learn more about it and hopefully change something. My school played a big part in making me the person I am today and helping me choose the right path by always giving me the best of education, advice and experience. 

After a lot of research and reflection I decided to study this course. The population health course is a perfect amalgamation of the social, economic, statistical as well as biological aspects to health. It gives you an all-round education which prepares you for any field of work, not necessarily just epidemiology. UCL is an excellent institution with brilliant teachers and students. Being selected as a student representative for a new course was especially useful because I could communicate the wishes of my classmates to the department and they were taken very seriously. It felt like I have some real responsibility and power to make positive changes on the course. 

Besides the amazing faculty, course, and people, the city is one of the best aspects of my education. I have travelled to London before, but living here as a student and attending UCL has been completely different and one of the best experiences of my life. You can never be bored in London and three years is not nearly enough to explore this city! I am very grateful that I'm part of the first batch of BSc Population Health students and hope to go back to India and do something meaningful with all this knowledge and experience I will gain.