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Department of Applied Health Research

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Sarah Beardon

'Implementation of Health Justice Partnerships: social welfare legal services in healthcare settings'

sarah.beardon@ucl.ac.ukView profile
James R Bedford   james.bedford.16@ucl.ac.uk 
Chris Brew-Graves'Health economics analysis of external beam radiotherapy compared with targeted intraoperative radiotherapy in early breast cancer'c.brew-graves@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Maria Chazapis   m.chazapis@ucl.ac.uk 
Nehla Djellouli'Developing the ways the public is involved in decisions to change health services at a large-scale'n.djellouli@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Kathryn Dreyer'The relationship between the social determinants of health and adverse childhood experiences - the value of linked data'Kathryn.dreyer.19@ucl.ac.uk
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Christopher  Evans   christopher.evans.16@ucl.ac.uk 
Alison Finch'Experiences of receiving and delivering complex cancer treatment via an ambulatory pathway: Community-Based Participatory Research to inform teenage and young adult cancer services'alison.finch.18@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Farzam Jafari   farzam.jafari.16@ucl.ac.uk 

Elizabeth Ingram

'Investigating how linked health and council data can advance our understanding of the social determinants of multimorbidity and inform service provision'


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Stephanie Kumpunen'A critical analysis and development of rapid ethnographies in healthcare quality improvement'stephanie.kumpunen.19@ucl.ac.ukView profile

Keyi Li

'The impact of unemployment on health service utilisation'


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Samantha  Machen   samantha.machen.16@ucl.ac.uk 
Luke Mordecai   luke.mordecai.15@ucl.ac.uk 

Tiyi Morris

'Implications of digital health innovations on the demand, use, cost and experiences of health and social care services'tiyi.morris@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Ruth Plackett'The development and evaluation of an online patient simulation training tool to improve the clinical decision-making skills of medical students'Ruth.plackett.15@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Tom Poulton'The impact of socioeconomic deprivation on the standards of care and outcomes of patients undergoing emergency abdominal surgery in England'thomas.poulton.14@ucl.ac.ukView profile 
Jenny Shand   j.shand@ucl.ac.uk 
Thomas J Stephens   thomas.stephens.15@ucl.ac.uk 
Duncan Wagstaff'Does PQIP change how perioperative data are used for quality improvement?'d.wagstaff@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Danny J. N. Wong'Critical Care Provision After Surgery'danny.wong@ucl.ac.ukView profile

Research Department of Behavioural Science and Health

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Mifuyu Akasaki

'The clustering of risk behaviours in adolescence and health consequences in middle age'


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Pamela Almeida-Meza

'Cognitive reserve and dementia incidence' p.meza.17@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Henry Aughterson'Social prescribing for mental health and well-being: exploring mechanisms of action and barriers and enablers to effective implementation'henry.aughterson.14@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Kirsty Bennett'The psychosexual impact of testing positive for high-risk cervical human papillomavirus (HPV)'kirsty.bennett.10@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Hannah  Bowden

'Digital behaviour change interventions'

hannah.bowden.16@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Dr Chris Evans'Little Journey Trial'dr_chrisevans@hotmail.comView profile
Saoirse Finn'Social connections, social engagement and mental and physical health'saoirse.finn.19@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Philipp Frank'Association of systemic inflammation with specific depressive symptoms'philipp.frank.16@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Roganie Govender'Development and feasibility testing of a pre-treatment swallowing intervention package for patients with head and neck cancer'roganie.govender.13@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Aswathikutty Gireesh'Social-to-Biological Pathway to Cognitive and Physical Impairment' a.aswathikutty-gireesh@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Yun-Ting Huang'Polypharmacy'yun-ting.huang@ucl.ac.uk 
Eleonora Iob'The psychobiology of adverse childhood experiences and depression: Exploring the interplay between genetic and early-life environmental influences across the life course'


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Loren Kock'The impact of electronic cigarettes and individual-level interventions on socioeconomic inequalities in tobacco smoking cessation'loren.kock.15@ucl.ac.ukView profile

Alexia Sawyer

'Role of the social and physical neighbourhood environment in physical activity in deprived communities'alexia.sawyer@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Charlie  Smith 'E-cigarettes as an effective form of harm reduction for tobacco smokers with mental health conditions'charlie.smith.16@ucl.ac.ukView profile

Emma Walker

'Social, economic and cultural capital & health:  exploring independent associations between cultural engagement and health - a biosocial analysis of biomarkers and epigenetics in Understanding Society'emma.walker.18@ucl.ac.ukView profile

Research Department of Epidemiology and Public Health

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Areej  Al Ali areej.alali.13@ucl.ac.uk 
Zainab Al-Assmi z.al-assmi@ucl.ac.uk 
Mohammed Ibrahim Alsaif 'The Impact of Oral Health on Cognitive Impairment among Older Adults in England' mohammed.alsaif.15@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Megan Arnot'The evolution of the menopause'megan.arnot.13@ucl.ac.ukView profile

Elysse Bautista Gonzalez

'Proximal and distal determinants of timely access and delivery of lung cancer care and the role of patient navigation programs as a tool for early diagnosis and treatment'elysse.bautista.16@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Aleksandra Blokland alex.blokland@ucl.ac.uk 
Nichamon Chaianant'Exploring socio-economic gradients in oral health among a national sample of Thai adults'nichamon.chaianant.12@ucl.ac.uk 
Mitchel Chatukuta mitchel.chatukuta.14@ucl.ac.uk 
Helena Mendes Constante helena.constante.14@ucl.ac.uk 
Hanna-Marie Creese hanna-marie.creese.13@ucl.ac.uk 
Chengyi Ding chengyi.ding.17@ucl.ac.uk 
Anitha George anitha.george.16@ucl.ac.uk 


Fran Harkness'Mastery in older age: lifetime predictors and the consequences for ageing well'frances.harkness.15@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Carlos Valencia-Hernández carlos.valencia.16@ucl.ac.uk 
Jialan Hong jialan.hong.17@ucl.ac.uk 
Alexis Karamanos alexis.karamanos.13@ucl.ac.uk 
Yazeed   Kaud yazeed.kaud.15@ucl.ac.uk 
Eun Gyo Kim e.kim.17@ucl.ac.uk 
Anika Knüppel'Free sugar, fibre intake and mood disorders: an epidemiological investigation'anika.knuppel.14@ucl.ac.uk 
Melanie V Lacey melanie.lacey.13@ucl.ac.uk 
Alejandra Letelier Rodriguez'Intergenerational social mobility and general health, oral health and physical function in older adulthood: a study of the association and pathways'alejandra.letelier.12@ucl.ac.uk 
Dan Lewer

'Improving physical healthcare for people who use heroin and crack cocaine'

d.lewer@ucl.ac.uk View profile

Serena Luchenski

'Using a public health preventative approach to benefit homeless patients:  A mixed-methods investigation of hospital care in England'


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Steven   Marcos steven.marcos.13@ucl.ac.uk 
Carlos de Mestral'Differential effects of smoking, alcohol consumption, and diet on all-cause and cause-specific mortality across strata of socioeconomic position'carlos.demestral.17@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Álvaro Passi'Gender and socioeconomic inequalities in the management of hypertension in Chile'alvaro.solar.17@ucl.ac.ukView profile 
Neha Pathak'What is the unmet need for essential sexual and reproductive healthcare in inclusion health women in the UK and how can services be developed to address this'neha.pathak.09@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Elisa Pineda elisa.pineda.14@ucl.ac.uk 
Andy K Ross andy.ross.13@ucl.ac.uk 
Alison  Sizer'Non-employment, a risk factor for cognitive decline in later life?'a.sizer.11@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Keishia Taylor'How does neighbourhood mixing affect the mental wellbeing of older adults? A longitudinal cross-country comparison between Ireland and England'keishia.taylor.17@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Taavi Tillmann'Psychosocial and economic factors in the development of the cardiovascular disease: a study of causality, international variation, meditation and prediction in predominantly Eastern European settings't.tillmann@ucl.ac.uk 
Sara Tofiq'Is there an association between childhood exposure to green space and adolescent mental wellbeing? A mixed-methods study'sara.tofiq.14@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Magdalena Walbaum Garcia magdalena.walbaum.11@ucl.ac.uk 
Lorraine Wapling lorraine.wapling.14@ucl.ac.uk 
Gill Weston'Atypical working patterns in the UK: their relationship with mental health and sleep'gillian.weston.14@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Liam Wright'The Effects of Youth Unemployment on Later Life Mental Health and Subjective Wellbeing'liam.wright.17@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Fatima Wurie

'Studies to inform the development and practical rollout of a digital adherence intervention, Video-Observed Therapy (VOT)'

f.wurie@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Wei Xun w.xun@ucl.ac.uk 

Research Department of Primary Care and Population Health 

NamePhD TitleEmail address   Profile 
Daniel Aggio'Understanding the longitudinal patterns of physical activity from midlife to old age and their consequences for cardiovascular disease morbidity and mortality risks: a study of older British men'd.aggio@ucl.ac.ukView profile
James Tosin Akinlua'Quality and equity of primary healthcare services in relation to communicable diseases in children and non-communicable diseases in adults in the south-west zone of Nigeria- a mixed-method study'bemsol4u@yahoo.comView profile
Noura Alomair n.alomair@ucl.ac.uk 
Juan Carlos Bazo Alvarez'Methods for handling incomplete baseline data in longitudinal electronic health records'juan.alvarez.16@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Cate Barlow c.barlow@ucl.ac.uk 
Hamad Bastaki hamad.bastaki.15@ucl.ac.uk 
Sheren Batayneh sheren.batayneh.14@ucl.ac.uk 
Ceri  Butler ceri.butler@ucl.ac.uk 
Emma  Dunphy emma.dunphy@ucl.ac.uk 
Emma  Hainsworth'HIV positive and treated for cancer: the social context and lived experiences of dual diagnosis and its treatment'e.hainsworth@ucl.ac.uk 
Brendan Hallam

'"What is good for your heart is good for your brain”: A mixed-methods study on reducing dementia risk in UK Primary Care'

brendan.hallam.18@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Thomas  Hartney'Clinical indicator-guided testing for HIV in general practice in the UK'thomas.hartney.09@ucl.ac.uk 
Suzan Hassan'Exploring factors that contribute to health behaviours in people with severe mental illness to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease: A mixed-methods approach'suzan.hassan@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Gotaro Kojima g.kojima@ucl.ac.uk 
Rosa Lau'Implementation of Complex Interventions in UK General Practice'r.lau@ucl.ac.uk 
Yifeng Liu yifeng.liu.13@ucl.ac.uk 
Christopher  Mainey christopher.mainey.14@ucl.ac.uk 
Nur Faraheen Abdul Rahman

'Clinical reasoning learning for decision making in the primary care setting: Implications to instructions, students’ identity and outcomes’.

Nur.rahman.19@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Fabian Sailer'Development of a Multi Sexually Transmitted Infections Modelling Software'f.sailer@ucl.ac.ukView profile
Deepani Siriwardhana deepani.siriwardhana.15@ucl.ac.uk 
April Slee april.slee.15@ucl.ac.uk