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Smoking Alcohol Toolkit Study

The Smoking Toolkit Study (STS) and the Alcohol Toolkit Study (ATS)

We run the Smoking Toolkit Study (STS) and the Alcohol Toolkit Study (ATS). These studies consist of a series of monthly, national, household, face-to-face surveys of the adult population of England, with follow-ups by telephone. The studies include detailed questions on smoking and smoking cessation; and on alcohol use, alcohol-related problems and attempts to reduce alcohol consumption.


Investigators: Robert West, Susan Michie, Emma Beard, Jamie Brown, Sarah Jackson, Loren Kock and Lion Shahab

Contact: Jamie Brown (jamie.brown@ucl.ac.uk)

Website: www.smokinginengland.info, and www.alcoholinengland.info


  • Cancer Research UK
  • National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)
  • Society for the Study of Addiction (SSA)

External Collaborators

  • Smoking in England
  • Alcohol Consumption in England
  • NHS National Institute for Health Research
  • Cancer Research UK