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Sarah Beardon

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My PhD Title: Implementation of Health Justice Partnerships: social welfare legal services in healthcare settings

Supervisor: Professor Rosalind Raine, Professor Dame Hazel Genn, Doctor Charlotte Woodhead, Doctor Silvie Cooper

Lay summary:

Social welfare legal problems include issues with welfare benefits, debt, housing, family and employment. These circumstances can be harmful to physical and mental health, and people in poor health are more likely to experience them. Partnerships between healthcare and legal services aim to improve access to legal support for people in need and address underlying social and economic causes of ill health.

Many different models of health-justice partnership exist across England and Wales. Studies have explored the potential impacts of these services, however there is currently little research on implementation to guide service delivery in practice. This research explores different delivery models, investigates how collaborative working between health and legal teams can be facilitated, and how the partnerships can be sustained over time.

My Background

Before starting my PhD, I worked as a Research Associate at the UCL Centre for Access to Justice, researching the impacts of social welfare legal advice delivered in general practice. Through this work, I saw the fundamental role of legal assistance in supporting the health and wellbeing of vulnerable people, which still inspires me in my current research. I also became interested in international examples of health-justice partnerships and the different approaches being taken across the UK. This broad perspective and interdisciplinary nature of the subject is one of the most appealing aspects of the project for me.


Master of Public Health (MPH), Imperial College London
Bachelor of Science (BSc Biology), Durham University


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