Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care



Our multidisciplinary team includes leading epidemiologists, statisticians, mathematicians, policy advisors, psychiatrists and economists.

UKCHASCAP is an international collaboration between UCL, The Nuffield Trust, University of Cambridge, Medical University of Gdansk, Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU), Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMPS), Peking Union Medical College (PUMC), University of Science and Technology of China (UST), Singapore Management University (SMU) and Guangzhou Medical University (GMU).

Principle Investigators:

  • Eric Brunner, UCL
  • Jing Liao, SYSU


  • Natasha Curry, Nuffield Trust
  • Eric French, University of Cambridge
  • Piotr Bandosz, Medical University of Gdansk
  • Wing-kit Chan, SYSU
  • Yuantao Hao, SYSU
  • Yuanli Liu, CAMS & PUMC
  • Yuping Ning, GMU
  • Xueqin Wang, UST
  • Dong Xu, SMU
  • Jing Gu, SYSU
  • Liping Bai, GMU
  • Jinghua Li, SYSU


  • Tishya Venkatraman, UCL
  • Yuntao Chen, UCL
  • Nina Hemmings, Nuffield Trust
  • Yuyang Liu, SYSU
  • Yun Huang, SYSU
  • Yanjuan Wu, SYSU
  • Yixin Li, UCL

Project Management:

  • Sophia Lobanov-Rostovsky, UCL
  • Jean Persaud, UCL

Advisory Board:

  • Andrew Sommerlad, UCL
  • Miqdad Asaria, London School of Economics
  • Patrick Hall, University of Birmingham