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The UCL Centre for Humanitarianism and Social Inclusion is home to a wealth of experience and practical application of research findings.

Postgraduate Taught Studies

We welcome students who would like to study with us at the Centre. We bring a wealth of experience and the practical application of research findings to our teaching. We have excellent connections to government and non-governmental agencies, UN organisations and civil society, all of which contribute to an enriched learning environment.

We currently offer a taught Masters programme in Humanitarian Policy and Practice.

Armed conflict, environmental disasters, disease outbreaks, the escalating impact of the climate emergency, and political, economic and social systems that intentionally exclude individuals and render certain groups vulnerable, demand rigorous ways of understanding complex and dynamic systems, and effective ways of working to both mitigate risks and respond to individual and population needs.

Our new MSc Humanitarian Policy and Practice will equip students with the necessary skills to understand and analyse the increasingly complex drivers of crises, with an appreciation of historical trends, future projections, and the place of humanitarian response within the context of wider diplomatic and development efforts. 

For more information, please email: iehc.mschumanitarianpolicypractice@ucl.ac.uk

Postgraduate Research Studies

We also welcome applications from potential doctoral candidates in any of our focus areas. We particularly welcome applications from students with lived experience of any of the focus areas.

Current PhD students 

Arianne Bobba
The Perception of Leprosy Stigma: Societal Factors and Resilience in People Affected by Leprosy in Northern Mozambique 
Primary Supervisor: Professor Maria Kett
Co-Supervisors: Professor Katrina Scior

Claire Brundle
Understanding the inclusive classroom for children with SEND in the UK: How does occupational therapy as a conceptual framework contribute to our understanding?
Primary Supervisor: Professor Maria Kett
Co-Supervisors:    Professor Nora Groce

Dahn Bee Park
Support for tertiary education for students with disabilities in South Korea 
Primary supervisor: Professor Maria Kett
Co-Supervisors:    Professor Nora Groce; Dr Nicole Brown

Ellie Cole
What does a disability-inclusive pandemic response mean for Liberia and how can it lead to genuine systemic change?
Primary supervisor: Professor Maria Kett
Co-Supervisors:     Professor Tim Colbourn

Dr Israel Adekunle Balogun
What are the barriers experienced by persons with disabilities in accessing humanitarian services the Northern Nigeria? (working title)
Joint Primary Supervisors: Professor Maria Kett and Professor Nora Groce
Co-Supervisors: Dr Victoria Austin

Rosamund Greiner (UCL Institute for Global Health)
Zika, gender and disability in Colombia
Primary Supervisor: Dr Jenny Gamlin
Co-Supervisors: Professor Maria Kett

Abigail  Ewen (UCL Institute for Risk & Disaster Reduction)
Disability and Identity in Time of Crisis in Nepal: Balancing urgency and inclusion in disaster risk reduction.
Primary supervisor: Professor Mark Pelling
Co-Supervisors: Professor Maria Kett

Anna Hope  Landre (UCL Computer Science)
How can we use technology to uncover, visualize, and facilitate networks in the transnational disability community?
Primary supervisor: Professor Catherine Holloway
Co-Supervisors: Professor Maria Kett, Dr Victoria Austin

Recent completed PhD students 

Lorraine Wapling  - ‘Deaf children as language learners: The strategies teachers use to support early language development in deaf children in Kenya’ (2022)

Mitchel Chatukuta - ‘A review of trends in mortality and morbidity due to RTIs in Namibia: What are the associated risk factors and current interventions?’ (2019)

Hridaya Raj Devkota – ‘Status of maternal health care service access to Dalit women with disability in Nepal’ (2018)

Robert Keatley – ‘A comparative study of HIV/AIDS knowledge, attitude and practices within the Deaf community in Kenya’ (2015)

Adriana Del Pilar Pacheco-Coral – ‘The role of migration processes in dengue fever occurrence in Colombia: a mixed study approach’ (2015)

Funding and Scholarships

Find out about funding available to students here: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/scholarships/fund-your-studies