Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Study Aims


The aim of this study is to conduct longitudinal research on the determinants of Extending Working Lives (EWL) beyond the age of 50, with a focus on the interface of different domains: workplace and health, family and workplace; area and individual.

The key research questions that we seek to address are:

  • AIM 1: Do cumulative good (in addition to recent) working conditions promote EWL?
  • AIM 2: What impact do modifiable lifetime health behaviours have on EWL?
  • AIM 3: Do family factors including partnership and fertility histories relate to EWL and are they mediated or moderated by workplace predictors of EWL?
  • AIM 4: What are the individual workplace factors that enable people to remain in work if they have a chronic health condition? Or if they are caring for ill family or grandchildren?
  • AIM 5: Are there differences in how workplace, family factors and chronic health conditions influence EWL by gender, socioeconomic background, birth cohort or country? 
  • AIM 6: Are there local area characteristics, for example related to the local labour market structure that promote EWL and does their impact differ for workers with low skills or poor health?