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Research Seminars

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Co-ordinator: Gopalakrishnan Netuveli & Noriko Cable

Day & Time: Tuesdays 2 pm

December 5Nicolas Berger 
November 7Mel Bartley"Probably, Minister": Some reflections on the relationship between research and policy
October 17Mariko HosozawaLife-course of individuals with autism spectrum condition: what do we know and what can we do?
June 4Bianca De StavolaMultiple questions for multiple mediators
May 9Yvonne KellySocial media use and adolescent mental health: findings from the UK Millennium Cohort Study
April 23Francesca LionettiBehaviourally Rated Environmental Sensitivity Predicts Children's Susceptibility to Parenting
March 20Tak Wing ChanThe Dynamics of Income Inequality: The Case of China in a Comparative Perspective
February 20Rebecca LaceyEarly life adversity clustering and life course health
February 6Shihoko KoyamaSleep duration and oral status in older English adults
January 16Noriko CableThe Rising culture of non-drinking: Are we getting sick of being sick?
December 12Paul ClarkeModelling within-household associations in panel studies where household membership changes over time [joint work with Fiona Steele and Jouni Kuha, LSE]
December 5Nick TylerDesigning environments for better health
November 28Ruth KeoghPersonalised dynamic prediction of survival using patient registry data: An anatomy of a landmarking analysis
November 21David BlaneIMPACT: Lessons - many failures, few successes, always learning
November 14Amanda SackerICLS in 2018 and beyond
October 24Tony RobertsonThe Biology of Inequality - trying to better understand the biological pathways linking our social and economic circumstances and our health
October 17Mel BartleySocial mobility and health
June 6Mei Sum ChanSocioeconomic inequalities in health expectancy with and without multiple morbidities
May 23Louise Mc Grath-LoneExploring placement in out-of-home care among children in England using routinely-collected, administrative data
May 16Marta PasqualiniBirth order and first sexual experience: does having siblings influence when and how becoming sexually active
May 9Sol RichardsonWelfare state institutions and their effects on wellbeing change following transitions from work in sixteen European countries
March 21Andy RossThe polarisation of young people's mental wellbeing and the link with increasing individualisation
March 14David BlaneSocial class differences in occupational pension scheme membership and type, UK 2013
March 7Alison SizerNon-employment and cognitive function, initial analysis using the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing
February 28Natasha WoodAssociations between childhood environment and adult mental wellbeing in four British birth cohorts
February 21Wentian LuThe relationship between socio-economic position and healthy ageing trajectories after 60 years in the US, UK, China and Japan
February 7Jitka PikhartovaLoneliness in later life: Analyses from English Longitudinal Study of Ageing
January 31Alexis KaramanosThe effect of primary school environment on socio-emotional well-being and language development at age 11 - Evidence from the UK Millennium Cohort Study
January 24Hynek PikhartWork environment and morbidity, mortality and functioning of middle and older aged people in Central and Eastern Europe: updates from HAPIEE study
December 13Richard BartholomewHow does 'policy impact' work in practice?
December 6Panos DemakokasChildhood Experiences of Parenting and Mortality at Older Ages: A Longitudinal Cohort Study
November 29Mel BartleyMeasuring social position in the LifePath comparative European study of healthy ageing.
November 22Eva LloydEarly Childhood policy evaluation and politics.
November 15Paul WattsThe role of sports clubs in helping older adults to stay active and prevent frailty: A latent growth model mediation analysis.
October 25Gillian BentleyEarly life effects on later life health: Are there benefits to using cross-sectional analyses?
June 14ICLS TeamPolicy Seminar rehearsal for presentations on the subject of Alcohol and Health.
 June 7ICLS TeamSlide presentations, showcasing the ICLS team research.
 May 24Anthony LavertyThe Free Bus Pass for older people, public transport and health markers. Evidence from ELSA
 May 17Jessica AbellHair cortisol concentrations in Whitehall II:  Non-linear associations with common mental disorders
 May 10Anne McMunnThe Work-Family Life Course and BMI Trajectories: Cohort and Gender Differences
 April 26Ewan CarrInformal vs. formal caregiving and extended working life: Evidence from 5 waves of Understanding Society
 March 15Paul ClarkeObtaining policy-relevant findings using multilevel models
 March 8Moritz HessPreferred and Expected Retirement Ages in Europe and Germany - The (Re) Emergences of Social Inequality in the Transition from Work to Retirement
 March 1Sol RichardsonChange in CASP Wellbeing as a response to exit from work in the European context
 February 23Mel BartleyWelfare regimes, health and health inequality
 February 16Rebecca BensonAllostatic load and work beyond state pension age
February 9 Hanna-Marie Creese The role of psychosocial stressors in the home environment on socio-emotional difficulties and being overweight in childhood: Findings from the Millennium Cohort Study
February 2 Chiara Ardito To work or not to work? The impact of rising pension age in Italy
January 26Dr Anja HeilmannEqually protected? A review of the evidence on the physical punishment of children
November 17Tahera RazaviWork-life balance, stress and depression in the Whitehall Study
November 10Elizabeth WebbParental employment transitions and adolescent happiness
November 3Bola AkinwaleLabour market trajectories, domestic work and later life health
October 27Tarani ChandolaJob quality and biomarkers of health in Understanding Society
October 6Amanda SackerCan the lifecourse approach help shape public health policy?

If you are interested in attending a specific research seminar (Central London), please contact us at icls@ucl.ac.uk

June 30Stephane CullatiTrajectories of body mass index amongst people 50 years and older, in England and Switzerland: a comparative perspective
June 23Farah JamalRealist RCTs: notes from an emerging methodology
June 16Lauren BirdExploring gender, work and families
June 9Kim BastaitsDivorced.....with children. Parenting of divorced fathers
June 2Maria DamjanovicovaMolecular visibility of the environment: epigenetic markers in social epidemiology
May 19Meena KumariBiomarkers: biological significance and measurement
May 12Hanna-Marie CreeseMultiple psychosocial stressors in the home environment, childhood obesity and social emotional development over the first decade of life in the Millenium Cohort Studay
May 5Claire MawdittESRC POST Fellowship: Reflections on working in the House of Lords library
April 28Anthony LavertySweetened beverage consumption and adiposity in the Millennium Cohort Study
March 25Dr. Rob MeadowsExploring mental health within couples over time: a dyadic longitudinal analysis
March 18

 1. Gemma Archer

 2. Xue Bowen

1.Do lifetime symptoms of depression and anxiety predict mortality? And, if so, why?

2. The impacts of retirement on CVD risk factors in China.

March 11Natasha WoodMarital history and physical functioning at older ages in England and the USA
March 4Dr. Paul WattsMaintaining the Olympics legacy: how sports and social clubs can help older people stay active and prevent obesity
February 25Dr. Loretta PlattsRetirement Reversals: a lifecourse analysis using the British Household Panel Survey
February 18Milagros RuizModelling the life course effects of educational attainment on CHD risk at midlife: A comparative analysis of the 1946 and 1958 birth cohorts
February 11Gopal NetuveliCultural deconstruction of CASP-19: the structure of the Japanese version
February 4Francisca RomanAdolescent binge drinking in Chile: Does it matter which school they go to?
January 28Maki UmedaDoes a good job make women happier in contemporary Japan?  Findings from the Japanese Study of Health, Occupation, and Psychosocial Factors Related Equity (J-HOPE)
January 21Alison SizerNon-employment: a risk factor for poor cognitive function and decline in later life
December 3Martin HydeTwo worlds of retirement?  Exploring the impact of labour market exit on health
November 12Elizabeth WebbEarly life socio-economic circumstances and height in  older age
November 5David Blane A Life course approach to longevity risk
October 29Claire MawdittClustering health-related behaviours and their association with subjective health using two British birth cohort studies. 
October 22Yvonne KellyWho are the 11 year old drinkers?  Findings from the Millennium Cohort Study
July 9Michelle Kelly-IrvingThe perinatal environment and the metabolic syndrome in mid-life: what can a historical cohort tell us about current hypotheses?
July 2Scott MontgomeryCancer risk and cardiovascular disease in multiple sclerosis patients
June 18Jessica AbellSleep and well-being-does the association differ on the well-being measure examined?
June 11David BlaneWhat's wrong with socio-economic status?
June 4Nicola SheltonWhat can we learn from the geography of health?
May 7Ian PlewisIndian farmer suicides: is GM cotton to blame?
Apr 30David BlaneSocial-biological transitions - how does the social become biological?
Mar 26Alison SizerEconomic Activity: a risk factor for later life cognitive decline?
Mar 19Laurie CornaPoverty and Health Dynamics in Comparative Perspective
Mar 12Francisca Roman MellaSchool level variability in binge drinking in Chile
Mar 5Baowen XueRetirement and CVD: China vs. England
Feb 26Milagros RuizEducational attainment and CHD risk in later life: A systematic comparison between cohorts in the UK
Feb 19Claire MawdittThe Clustering of Health-Related Behaviours and Subsequent Mental Health and Self-Rated Health Outcomes: in 2 Birth Cohort Studies
Feb 12Afshin ZilanawalaMultipartnered Fertility and Material Hardship
Feb 5Andy RossTime Trends in psychosocial disorders among young people and their explanation
Jan 29Domenico RasuloEffect of soioeconomic and parental health inequalities on mortality 'The Turin Longitudinal Study'
Jan 22Natasha WoodMarital History and physical functioning at older ages in England and the USA
Jan 15Noriko CableUK teen's alcohol and smoking initiation: a tale from the Understanding Society
Jan 8Lauren BirdGender, Work and domestic practices in 21st century Britain - implications for family well-being and child development