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ICLS research uses the latest techniques in social science and biology to address some of the most pressing social and health problems facing us today.

Our work looks at how the social circumstances in which people live translate into poor health and unfavourable social outcomes across all stages of the life course - 'how life gets under the skin'. We make use of data gathered regularly on the same people across their lives - longitudinal studies which follow thousands of people, collecting information about their health, education, work, family and life experiences.


Using various biomarkers from these studies, we examine a range of health problems, see what drives them and how they develop through life. ICLS's work aims to improve understanding about the stepping stones from childhood towards a healthy and productive working life and the maintenance of health and wellbeing in the later years.

We work closely with individuals, groups, charities, organisations and businesses that are interested in developing evidence-based support and interventions to ensure our research makes a difference to people's lives. 

Our current research programme has four main themes.

Child and adolescent health

Identifying potential tipping points in children's lives to inform interventions to improve their health and reduce inequalities.

Work and retirement 

Contributing to workplace and policy efforts to support parents' efforts to juggle work and family commitments.

Translational Research

Using our evidence to inform randomised trials, and develop modelling tools for Government and third sector users.


Identifying the biological processes linking what happens in childhood with adult diseases to recommend potential interventions.

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