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Exercising with a stoma

Many people with bowel cancer have a stoma and as a result have on-going concerns. These include low energy, tiredness, feeling unattractive, fear of appliance leakage and fear of a hernia. These problems affect their quality of life (QoL) and can dissuade them from being physically active. We know that physical activity improves QoL but we do not know whether we can increase physical activity levels by addressing people's stoma-related concerns . This study will determine the feasibility and potential benefit of a physical activity (PA) intervention for bowel cancer patients with a stoma.

Principal Investigator: Dr Gill Hubbard (external), Dr Rebecca Beeken (internal)

Collaborators: Dr Claire Taylor (London North West Healthcare NHS Trust), Professor Angus Watson (NHS Highland), the Lifestyle and Behaviour Change Sub-group of the NCRI Psychosocial Oncology CSG.

Contact: Will Goodman (william.goodman.16[at]ucl.ac.uk)