Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Cooking Kit for Kids (CooKKit) 

The primary aim of this research is to develop novel approaches to reduce cancer risk in low-income families by supporting changes to meal preparation and eating behaviours. We will identify strategies to facilitate transfer of cooking skills, knowledge and motivation from a learning environment into the home. We will specifically aim to address whether provision of recipe 'kits' providing weighed meal ingredients can overcome barriers to preparing healthy meals in low SES families. We will identify additional support needs of parents and children in low-income households (including sources of practical and social support) to establish patterns of healthy meal preparation.

Principal investigator: Dr Rebecca Beeken

Collaborators: Rebecca Landy (QMUL), Aurora Perez-Cornago (Oxford University) 

Contact: William Goodman (William.goodman.16[at]ucl.ac.uk)