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Creative Lives: Tackling Inequalities

This series investigates how creative health approaches and social prescribing can be used to connect and communicate throughout life and generations.

Hosting both experts from around the world and also artists, performers, practitioners and experts by experience, from local communities we have a podcast and conference coming up. 

Creative Lives Podcast

Listen to our weekly podcast with both experts from around the world and also artists, performers, practitioners and experts by experience, from local communities.

Episode 1: Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing, featuring installation/performance artist Lidia Lidia and researcher Thomas Kador 
Episode 2: Community: Communication and engagement
Speaker: Michael Chandler (The Margins project) 
Episode 3: Helping hands: Loss of employment, bereavement, vulnerability
Speakers: Anne Lanceley, Jessica Turtle
Episode 4: Older people: Healthcare provision and access in ageing societies
Speakers: Neel Desai (Age Innovation Hub), Veronica Franklin Gould
Episode 5: Intergenerational cohesion: Generations, culture, and identity
Speakers: Michelle Kindleysides, Charlotte Faircloth 
Episode 6: Being creative: Lifelong learning
Speakers: Deborah Padfield (Slade), Emily Bradfield (Arts & Minds)

Listen to the podcast

Creative Lives conference

About the conference

From 2nd - 3rd June 2021, we hosted a two-day virtual conference exploring creative approaches to health, the life course, community, wellbeing.

We were investigating how creative health approaches and social prescribing could be used to connect and communicate life through generations. We invited both experts from around the world and also artists, performers, practitioners and experts by experience from local communities.

The aim was to provide interdisciplinary cohesion and a bridge between the academic world and the general public, between policy and third sector organisations. 

Watch the Creative Lives sessions

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Day 1: Creative Lives, Tackling inequalities: learning, community, cultural health

10:57 - 11:02

Whilst participants assemble, Kiz Bangerh performs hip hop.

11:02 - 11:05

Lorna Collins draws people’s attention to the conference, welcome.

11:05-1:20Helen Chatterjee sets the scene/bigger picture, with Errol Francis.

Aarathi Prasad in conversation with Jumana Emil Abboud. Chair: Humera Iqbal.


Gilly Angell in conversation with Ranjita Dhital. Chair: Helen Chatterjee.


Rochelle Burgess in conversation with Errol Francis. Chair: Thomas Kador.


Michael Chandler, in conversation with LaToya Gill. Chair: Nina Quach.


Emily Bradfield (#CreativeConnections) creates a visual response to the workshop. Questions, Chair: Lorna Collins.

Day 2: Creative Lives, Tackling inequalities: welfare, wellbeing, education, the life course

10:57 - 11:02 

Whilst participants assemble, a poetry performance by Latifah Al Said.

11:02 - 11:05

Lorna Collins welcomes people back to the conference


JD Carpentieri in conversation with Carrie Ryan (Ageing Playfully). Chair: Anne Lanceley.


Rebecca Loweth in conversation with Ruth Siddall. Chair: Jo Volley.


Kiz Bangerh, hip hop spoken word/music. Chair: Lorna Collins


Networking opportunity, catch up, regroup.

1:00-1:45 Rabya Mughal in conversation with Mah Rana. Chair: Humera Iqbal.
11:45-2:00 Emily Bradfield creates visual response to the workshop, presentation at the end (#CreativeConnections). Lorna Collins: questions/responses to the conference.

Meet the Speakers