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Project Swallow


Our Mission:

To create digital tools to improve the care of people affected by Oesophageal Cancer.

We are creating:

  • a smart phone app to support patients
  • a computer software to support cancer nurses.

We need your help!!!

In order to create a smart phone app that is really helpful, we want to hear about real life experiences of Oesophageal cancer. Your views will be invaluable and used throughout the creation of the smart phone app to make sure that we can provide the best support for patients and carers affected by Oesophageal cancer.

What would taking part involve?

First, we will need all participants to fill out a brief questionnaire to make sure that we have a diverse range of people (download here). We will then arrange for selected participants to take part in a small group discussion (focus group) which last approximately 2 hours. Before the focus group we will ask you to read a patient information sheet, containing important information about the project (download here). Everyone who attends the focus group will be asked to sign a consent form agreeing to take part in our study.


We will reimburse you for travel and other expenses to facilitate your attendance and you will be offered an all-in-one voucher worth £30 as a thank-you.

Our Team

We are part of the eHealth Unit, a research group, in the department of Primary care and population health at the  University College London (UCL). 

Project Swallow is supported by:

  • Patient and Public Involvement (PPI): We have two patients affected by cancer on our team. 
  • The Commercial Company Living With who have expertise in designing apps for the NHS. 
  • Healthcare professionals: From University College London Hospitals (UCLH)

Contact Us 

If you wish to take part in the study or would like more information please contact us on:

Email: projectswallow@ucl.ac.uk

Phone: 020 7794 0500 (ext: 31498) from Monday to Friday, 09.00-17.00

We are funded by Macmillan.


Hospitals involved in the study

We are also recruiting people affected by Oesophageal Cancer and the healthcare professionals working with them from the following hospitals

  • King George Hospital
  • Queen's Hospital
  • Newham University Hospital
  • The Royal London Hospital
  • St Bartholomew's Hospital
  • Whipps Cross University Hospital
  • Homerton University Hospital
  • St Leonard's Hospital
  • North Middlesex University Hospital
  • St Margaret's Hospital
  • The Herts and Essex Hospital
  • Barnet Hospital
  • Chase Farm Hospital
  • Royal Free Hospital
  • University College London Hospital
  • Whittington Hospital


This project has received ethical approval. IRAS ID: 236919, CPMS ID: 40036

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