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PhD students


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(1st or 2nd supervisor)

Co-supervisor Student name Title of project Comment / funding


Part time

1st Lorraine Noble, Clinical Psychologist, UCL Cicely Kerr How an internet intervention works to achieve benefit for patients with Coronary Heart Disease DH Researcher Development Award


Part time

1st Christine Godfrey, Health Economist, York Zarnie Khadjesari

Use of the internet for delivery and evaluation of interventions aimed at reducing alcohol consumption

Internal studentship; subsequently awarded NSPCR post-doc fellowship

2008 -2012

Full time

2nd Dr Josip Carr, Imperial Helen Atherton

Exploring the potential of email as a method of consultation in

English general practice

MRC studentship; subsequently awarded NSPCR post-doc fellowship

2010 -2016

Part time

1st Prof Susan Michie, Health Psychologist, UCL Kingshuk Pal

Development of an online self-management intervention for adults with type 2 diabetes (www.help-diabetes.org.uk)

Funded through NIHR Programme Grant

2011 -2015

Full time

1st Dr Julia Bailey, Clinical Senior Lecturer, UCL Lorna Hobbs

Psychotherapeutic interventions for sexual difficulties delivered via the Internet: Effectiveness, acceptability and reach.

NSPCR studentship

2012 -2016

Part time

1st Dr Fiona Stevenson, Reader in Medical Sociology, UCL Jamie Ross

Designing and evaluating an implementation plan for an internet based self-management programme for people with type 2 diabetes within the National Health Service

Self-funded; subsequently awarded NSPCR post-doc fellowship
2012 -2014 2nd Prof Chris Barker, Clinical Psychologist, UCL Megan Cockburn D. Clin Psy student

2013 -2016

Full time

1st Prof Susan Michie, and Dr Fiona Hamilton, Clinical Lecturer, UCL Ghadah Alkhaldi The use of email and text message prompts to engage users of a digital intervention Saudi Cultural Bureau studentship

2013 -2017

Full time

2nd Dr Fiona Stevenson, Reader in Medical Sociology Rosa Lau Implementation of complex interventions into UK general practice NSPCR studentship

2014 -2017

Full time

2nd Prof Anne Blandford, Human-Computer Interface, UCL Nikki Newhouse

bump2bump: an online programme to promote the wellbeing of first time mothers

Crucible cross-disciplinary studentship.

2015 -2018

Full time

1st Dr Fiona Hamilton Paulina Bondaronek Public health potential of apps for improving physical activity. MRC Studentship

2016 -2021


1st Dr Fiona Hamilton Shoba Poduval Improving uptake of diabetes self-management training Self-funded

2017 -2020

Full time

2nd Dr Fiona Hamilton Emma Dunphy

A model of care to standardise ACL rehab in the NHS. The feasibility of E-Health to

support a combined model of self-management and face to face rehabilitation throughout the return to participation