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PhD student Ghada Bin Suwayyid awarded funding to deliver innovation in women’s health

22 November 2023

Ghada’s project will offer insights from UK-based, Muslim ethnic-minority women undergoing menopause to promote inclusivity in menopause digital platforms.

Head and shoulders photograph of Ghada Bin Suwayyid

The project, 'No more PAUSE for talking inclusion in MENOPAUSE', aims to explore the perspectives and experiences of UK-based, Muslim-minority women undergoing menopause. It will achieve this through a number of co-design workshops. These workshops will generate suggestions on improving digital health information platforms, including AI-powered health apps, for menopause to become more inclusive. 

Addressing inadequate health data is one step toward reducing biases in current AI algorithms. This will make menopause digital platforms more inclusive for women from diverse communities. The project will be one of the first studies to look at Muslim women undergoing menopause here in the UK.

Ghada Bin Suwayyid’s PhD work focuses on exploring the potential of mobile physical activity interventions for menopausal women in Saudi Arabia. Her research interests are around understanding women’s experience of menopause with regard to the use of mobile technologies to promote menopause education and behaviour change in women from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

The Innovation Challenge initiative is supported by funding from EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account, managed by UCL Innovation & Enterprise. The funding enables UCL researchers and industry partners to explore projects to deliver innovation in women's health in a collaborative way.

The industry partner for this project is the Adora menopause app, which seeks to bridge the digital divide in menopause AI technologies. Adora is a woman’s health company with a female founder. It is developing an AI digital engagement service to educate women on the menopause and to help them access information and support they need to manage their symptoms. 

Ghada Bin Suwayyid said

“My collaborative research project with Adora menopause app will offer the opportunity to empower underrepresented women living in the UK to speak up and break their silence around menopause taboos.”

Learn about the background of the Challenge by watching the full video:

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