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Whitehall II Study Director named in Research.com Top Scientists Ranking

17 May 2022

Professor Mika Kivimaki (UCL Institute of Epidemiology & Health) has been ranked #78 in the world and #11 in United Kingdom in the 2022 Top 1000 Scientists in the field of Medicine published by Research.com

Professor Mika Kivimaki

The Research.com annual ranking for top scientists is designed to offer the academic community more visibility and exposure to the influential research contributions made by those at the forefront of medicine.  Research.com is one of the major websites for medicine research offering credible data on scientific contributions since 2014.

For the 2022 edition of the ranking, more than 65,700 scientist profiles on Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic Graph have been examined with several indicators and metrics reviewed in order to consider each scientist’s inclusion in the ranking.


Research.com world ranking of top scientists

Professor Mika Kivimaki’s academic profile