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Multiple sclerosis: the link with earlier infection just got stronger – new study

5 November 2021

Professor Scott Montgomery writes for The Conversation about 20 years of research looking at whether things that happen in adolescence are linked to a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis in early adulthood.

Group of young people

Strong links between adolescent health and a later life diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis have been established by a team of researchers led by Professor Scott Montgomery, a key member of UCL's ESRC International Centre for Lifecourse Studies. 

Writing in The Conversation, Professor Montgomery, based at Örebro University in Sweden, describes a body of research that points to a strong link between infection in adolescence and an MS diagnosis in adulthood. 

Following the publication of important new research showing that glandular fever can actually 'trigger' Multiple Sclerosis, Professor Montgomery has written a further article for the blog outlining his findings and showing how the link between infections particularly in adolescence and a later life diagnosis of MS are now even stronger.