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Researchers feature in Census 2021 campaign

18 March 2021

ICLS researchers talk about why the ONS Longitudinal Study was key to their research on the long term health outcomes of children in care

The Census 2021 campaign has featured a video of ICLS researchers Amanda Sacker and Emily Murray discussing why the Cenus based ONS Longitudinal Study is so key to their work. 

The researchers have used data from the study in an important Nuffield Foundation funded project Looked After Children Grown Up which explores the long-term consequences of being cared for in institutional or family settings using data from the Office of National Statistics Longitudinal Study (ONS LS).

They were interviewed by members of the Saatchi Advertising and Creative Agency team behind the campaign to promote the Census 2021. 

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The research has been published in BMC and The European Journal of Public Health and has been presented at several conferences. It has also gained media attention including an article in The Observer and The Guardian
In the ONS Research Excellence Awards 2020 the research received special recognition from the panel after being scored well by the Awards official panel and also proving popular in the People's Choice vote.