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Who cares? Mum, dad, work and relationships

22 April 2020

Who are the ‘sandwich generation’ of people caring for parents while in mid-life? Anne McMunn writes for our WorkLife blog on new research looking at whether our working lives and our relationships affect the likelihood that we will take on these roles.


In the latest ICLS WorkLife blog our Deputy Director Anne McMunn writes about new research with colleagues from UCL and Age UK showing how the pool of people available to be caregivers is likely to dwindle as work and relationships change. 

The research, published in the Longitudinal and Life Course Studies Journal, uses data from the National Child Development Study, to find out who is caring for a parent or parent-in-law, providing shopping or transport, housework, financial support or personal care. The responses are analysed alongside information on the participants’ work lives and relationship status.