Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Research Department of Epidemiology and Public Health Grant success

26 January 2017

Renewal of Whitehall II's British Heart Foundation programme grant "Vascular risk and functional decline in old age: from discovery to translation" The BHF is one of the Whitehall II cohort's major funders, and their recent decision to renew our funding is welcomed.


The research programme has two strands. First, our longitudinal study of causes and consequences of arterial ageing among >5000 men and women aged 70-90 will be extended. Second, our new population health simulation model, realised with BHF support over the past four years, will translate epidemiological findings on determinants of healthy, independent ageing into dementia and disability prevention scenarios which we hope will inform health policy across England and Wales. The IMPACT-Better Ageing Model is the product of collaboration with colleagues at Liverpool University. Renewed BHF funding of £1.1m means that activity will expand to include inputs from UCL Economics and the Institute of Fiscal Studies.