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Upcoming Events

Fall Speaker Series to be announced very soon! Check back in August 2019 for more information! 

The 19th Annual Meeting for the Washington Group on Disability Statistics will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on the 25th - 27th of September 2019.


The Snowdon Masters Scholarships

The Global Disability Innovation Hub and Snowdon Trust are delighted to announce the opening of the Snowdon Masters Scholarships. Accelerating disabled leaders through post-graduate study, the scholarship will fund up to £15,000 for a UK Masters course and a £15,000 stipend while studying. 

Find out more here. Find the application form here.

Applications are now closed for 2019, please keep an eye out for the new round of applications in April 2020.

Past Events

London, UK 

The Washington Group on Disability Statistics recently held a non-regional Implementation Training Workshop in London, United Kingdom on the 8-10th May 2019. 30 participants from 26 countries attended the 3 day event. 

Moscow, Russia

On the 22-24th April 2019, the Washington Group on Disability Statistics held an Implementation Training Workshop in Moscow, Russia where 13 countries from the region participated in the meeting and discussions. 

Dakar, Senegal

Early in the year, the Washington Group on Disability Statistics held a regional Implementation Training Workshop in Dakar, Senegal on the 19-21st February 2019 where 40 people attended from 14 countries in West Africa.

You can see see a list of our past events on our Eventbrite page and on the Washington Group Website