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Keyi Li

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My PhD Title: The impact of unemployment on health service utilisation

Supervisor: Dr Manuel Gomes

Lay summary:

       It is well-established in literature that the unemployed is less healthy than those who are employed. However, the extent to which unemployment affects health service utilisation is under-developed. This research will use a large linked observational dataset from Barking and Dagenham (London) to explore how employment status affects the use of healthcare services through its impact on physical and mental health status. Different healthcare sectors including hospital, GP, community care, social care and mental health (main focus) will be studied. Results from this study will help UK policy makers to design interventions that can moderate the impact of unemployment on health care utilisation.


2013-2017 BSc International Business Economics, The University of Nottingham, China campus

2015-2016 BSc International Business Economics (exchange), The University of Nottingham, UK campus

2017-2018 MSc Political Economy of Europe,  London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

2018-2019 MSc International Health Management, Imperial College London

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