Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Casual Worker Procedures

Please ensure that the IEHC Casual Worker Policy has been adhered to before processing payments.

Once payment is due (either on completion of work for ad hoc workers or monthly if the worker is on an as and when agreement) supervisors/ budget holders/ teaching administrators should collate the following documents promptly and requests need to be sent electronically to the Research Departmental Administrator by 25th of every month.

The School of Life and Medical Sciences will apply a 20% indirect charge will be applied to staff costs paid for via discretionary accounts and you must obtain prior financial approval (via your local finance lead) to use discretionary funds.

Please Note: Advance payments will not be processed and approved payments will be made monthly in arrears by BACS

Rate of pay

Duties, rate of pay (in line with UCL's rates of pay) and the maximum hours of work to be worked should be agreed with the supervisor/ budget holder in advance. Rate of pay is usually at the bottom of the scale. Research assistant work will be paid at Grade 6b and PGTA work will be paid at Grade 5.

Form 7: One off Payment

Guidance on how to complete Form 7 paperwork:

To be completed:

Form 6: As and When contract payments

To be completed:

Tier 4 student timesheet: If you are appointing a student who is on a Tier 4 visa this individual MUST complete a Tier 4 timesheet, instead of the departmental timesheet to record the hours worked/allocated prior to the student undertaking any work.