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Arts and health across the lifespan

13 March 2023, 12:00 pm–1:00 pm

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Dr Daisy Fancourt, Dr Karen Mak and Dr Nils Fietje discuss the impacts of arts engagement on population health across the life course.

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Social Biobehavioural Research Group – Department of Behavioural Science and Health

For the past 5 years we have been conducting extensive research into how arts and culture engagement affects our health at a population level, across the lifespan. Our work includes statistical analysis of data from cohort studies, which track the activities and health of large numbers of people throughout their lives.

In this event we’ll share key findings from this work relating to the impact of arts engagement in three key life stages: childhood and adolescence, adulthood and older age. We will also reveal what our analysis shows about which socioeconomic groups have access to arts and culture for public health, and how this might inform our thinking about health inequalities and local cultural provision.

As well as hearing from the research team who worked on these studies, we are delighted to be joined by Dr Nils Fietje from the World Health Organization to reflect on what our findings may mean for global policy around arts and health. This event coincides with the launch of a new summary report, detailing findings from over 70 papers in this area, four policy briefings and a new website for the Social Biobehavioural Research Group.

This event will take place via Zoom Webinar and can be accessed on personal devices. The event Zoom link will be distributed via email to registered attendees.