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Dan Lewer

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My PhD Title: Improving physical healthcare for people who use heroin and crack cocaine

Supervisor: Professor Andrew Hayward

Lay summary: My project aims to improve physical healthcare for people who use heroin and crack cocaine. At the moment, many people in this group do not receive timely treatment despite having higher risk of many long-term conditions such as respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. I will use healthcare records to understand which specific aspects of healthcare need to be improved most urgently, and also engage with drug and alcohol services to co-design models of care.

My Background

I am a public health registrar and have worked in various health promotion and health protection roles. While working at Public Health England I investigated an increase in serious bacterial infections among people who inject drugs, which led to my current research project.


Faculty of Public Health Membership exams (parts A & B)

MSc Public Health (London School of Hygiene and Tropic Medicine)

PG Cert Psychiatric Research (Kings College London)

BSc International Relations (LSE)


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  • 2015
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