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BSc Population Health Sciences FAQs

Read the most frequently asked questions for applicants applying to the BSc Population Health Sciences programme at UCL.

What are the two routes on the BSc Population Health Sciences?  

Across all years of study both routes will overlap on compulsory modules, but there are additional compulsory modules that are taken depending on the route selected. 

  • Route one: Population Health Sciences, will enable you to become specialised in chosen topics within the population health discipline. First-year students will take compulsory modules that explore policy, health history and interventions. 
  • Route two: Data Science, which has a strong emphasis on quantitative research methods in the social sciences. You will learn how to analyse data to make powerful inferences about the world. First-year students will take two compulsory modules focused on quantitative research methods and social science research. 

How do I choose a route? 

Students will be asked to choose their route as they enrol. There is plenty of time to ask questions before you decide your route. 

Can I change routes? 

There will be a window of opportunity for switching routes until module selection period closes in mid-October. 
If you are considering changing routes, it is best to raise your concerns as soon as possible with your personal tutor or programme director. 

Is there limited space on each route? 

The routes are not limited to a certain number of students. 

Are there additional entry requirements for the data science route? 

There are no additional entry requirements. The route assumes no prior knowledge of quantitative methods or statistics. 

Any further questions please contact the programme team.

Can I study abroad?

The programme offers an optional study abroad year. Those who want to study abroad will apply for a place at a selection of international universities in their second year. If their application is successful, students will then go on to study abroad in their third year. UCL has long-established links with universities in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America. The universities available as options for study abroad may vary year on year. Students on both routes of the BSc Population Health Sciences can apply to study abroad.