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APPROACH: Using a mobile application to promote physical activity after cancer

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There is strong evidence to suggest that engaging in physical activity provides multiple benefits for people living with and beyond cancer. Despite this, it is estimated that less than 30% of people LWBC meet the World Cancer Research Fund’s guidelines to engage in  ≥150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week.  In the APPROACH project we intend to test a theory-driven intervention which includes an app designed to encourage brisk walking alongside habit-based behavioural support to promote sustained behavioural change.

The APPROACH project has two stages: a pilot study and a randomised-controlled trial (RCT).  We are currently recruiting to the pilot study, which aims to explore the feasibility of using a smartphone app to deliver a behaviour change intervention to encourage the uptake of physical activity in people LWBC.  We hope to recruit 90 participants with breast, prostate, or colorectal cancer for this pilot.  The results will then inform the design of the larger RCT.

This project is funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research and participants are recruited from hospitals in Yorkshire. 

Principle Investigators: Dr Abi Fisher, Dr Pippa Lally

Collaborators: Phillippa Lally, Anna Roberts, Rebecca J Beeken, Diana M Greenfield, Henry WW Potts, Nicholas Counsell, Nicholas Latimer, Chloe Thomas, Lee Smith, Jacqui Gath, Lynda Wyld, Abi Fisher

The protocol for the pilot trial is available here