Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Wellness is one of the pillars of UCL Wellbeing strategy. IEHC proactively encourages and supports staff and students to maintain good mental health and know where to find support.


Care first provide an out of hours counselling service paid for by UCL and available only to UCL students. Care First counsellors, who are all professionally qualified and accredited by the BACP, are able to provide advice and guidance on any issue no matter how big or small, from things happening at home to university life.

Work-life Balance policy

UCL acknowledges that its staff are most productive when they have achieved a work-life balance that enables them to meet their responsibilities outside work. UCL's Work Life Balance policy provides a framework within which departments can consider how best to enable staff to achieve an effective balance between work and life outside the workplace.

Bullying and Harrassment (Full Stop)

UCL believes in changing the world for the better.  That has to start within it's own community. For most people UCL is a great place to work or study. Yet where unacceptable behaviour does exist, it can have a real impact, and it can be difficult to know how to challenge it. So UCL is asking it's community to come together and say Full Stop.

Taking leave

There are various forms of leave at UCL and below is a list of the relevant policies:

Healthy Lifestyles

UCL offers useful information and tools, helping you to be as healthy as you can be in five areas: exercise and movement, nutrition, sleep, smoking and alcohol.