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Connect with the academic experts who can solve problems, realise opportunities and develop the skills in your business to manage complex issues.

UCL has 6,500 academics and researchers working across a broad range of disciplines. Their expertise is founded on world-leading research, rigour and integrity: qualities that could help your organisation address its toughest challenges.

UCL Consultants was set up to make it easier for clients and academics to work together. We build the right team of experts, then oversee the project’s delivery, making sure it reaches the standards you expect.

What we offer

We can arrange all sorts of consultancies, from those that last a single day through to milestone-focused, multi-party projects. 

Services include:

  • Specialist commissioned research or advice, including data analytics, policy design, literature reviews, executive briefings, capacity development and more
  • Testing and analysis, as well as access to UCL’s world-class laboratory equipment and facilities
  • Expert witnesses in areas including patent disputes, civil litigation and forensic testing

Your project will benefit from the objectivity and freedom from commercial conflicts that come from working with a university such as UCL.

Our areas of expertise

UCL is a leading multidisciplinary university. 

That means we can match your business to the right team of experts from areas including:

  • Engineering and advanced manufacturing
  • Digital – AI and data science
  • Infrastructure and the built environment 
  • Education
  • Health
  • People and organisations
  • Energy and sustainability
  • Government
  • Economics

How we work with you

In recent years we’ve helped deliver over 3,000 projects for organisations both within the UK and abroad. 

We provide a single point of contact for:

  • account management
  • contracting and finance support
  • project management

Start the conversation

Contact the team at 020 7679 9796 or info@uclconsultants.com

See more details of our services by visiting the UCL Consultants website.

Case study

Audible and UCL team up to find out what happens in people’s brains when they listen to audio books
Audible and UCL: Consulting on the neuroscience of narratives

How engaged are you when you listen to a story on an audiobook? Audible and Dr Joe Devlin (Vice-Dean of Enterprise) worked together to find out.