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Bespoke short courses

Equip your teams with the new perspectives and skills they need to keep your organisation moving ahead, through custom-made training programmes.

We draw on world-leading expertise from across the UCL faculty to deliver bespoke short courses that drive innovation in business, government and the public sector. 

Teaching new skills and strategies

UCL is a leader in research and education. That means our knowledge and methods have been tested and proven, making it easy to adapt them to your specific context. 

Our strength is the range of expertise we can share with you: from digital, engineering, advanced manufacturing, the built environment, energy and sustainability to law, education, management, economics, government and more.

We can deliver programmes in a range of formats, including: 

  • innovation labs
  • knowledge and skills training
  • structured conferences
  • strategic one-to-one sessions for board level executives 

How we work with you

We work alongside you to design and deliver a programme matched to your requirements. That starts with finding the right experts. We’ll then be the single point of contact for contracts, planning and evaluation.

Recent examples of bespoke programmes

Artificial intelligence (AI)

We’re working with banks, government agencies and other institutions to develop their strategies for AI and machine learning. In day-long sessions, senior managers are given a 360˚ view of the technology, with insights into its opportunities, risks and ethics. Computer scientists lead the sessions, with input from experts in other areas including behavioural psychology, anthropology, statistics and geography.


Academics with senior practitioner experience have designed highly interactive programmes for C-suite executives in banking, law, engineering and government. Workshops, talks and site visits offer in-depth introductions to areas such as energy, transport, investment and planning.


UCL’s economists are strengthening organisations’ abilities to solve complex challenges by developing the economics expertise of their top teams. Programmes range from two-day workshops through to multi-day sessions run over a period of six months.

Health informatics

Academics from the Institute of Health Informatics are helping one organisation take a more personalised approach to treatment through a series of highly targeted workshops. Over a period of five days attendees are learning how to use data methods for health records and apply machine learning to health research.

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