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About the Department

Foster Court, UCL Bloomsbury Campus

UCL’s English Department has, throughout its history, been a pioneer in the study of English language and English literature, from Old English to current literature.

Scarlett & Joyce
Our staff demonstrate a wide breadth of expertise across many literary periods (Medieval, Renaissance, Restoration, Romantic, Victorian and modern) and topics (such as London and American literature) as well as in language, both its history and its modern forms.

Charlotte Mitchell, a Senior Honorary Lecturer, who studied and taught in the English Department, has produced a History of the English Department.

The varied syllabus of the UCL English Department, with its shared emphasis on traditional literary skills and modern thought, has been one of the most enduring and highly regarded in Britain.

UCL English students follow undergraduate and postgraduate programmes leading to:

  • BA English
  • BA Latin and English
  • BA Greek and English
  • BA Modern Language and English
  • MA in English: Issues in Modern Culture
  • MA in English Linguistics
  • MA Medieval and Renaissance Studies
  • MA Early Modern Studies

The Department also offers MPhil/PhD supervision in a wide range of topics.

John Mullan at Graduation

The Survey of English Usage, based in the Department, is an internationally renowned resource for the study of present day English and a world leader in corpus linguistics.

The English Department promotes Sustainability and Green Issues